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Website Hosting - UK

Website hosting is an early decision to make but an important one.

The location of your website hosting account may have a bearing on your position in the search engines, for example sites hosted in the UK may perform better in than US hosted sites for the same term.

If you are serious about your business then paid business web site hosting rather than free hosting is the only way to go. After all you will need contact details that you can call upon at any given notice if there is a problem, we therefore advise 24 hour telephone support.

That does not mean that hosting cannot be cheap, there are many superb packages from around $5 or $5 per month that offer all the services and bandwidth that most medium sized websites would need. Some companies such as Top Hosts offer information on many UK hosting companies, remember to ask about and read other users opinions.

A shared hosting account is the normal approach, only when a website grows substantially would you then need to go in search of a dedicated server host.

Don't be tempted by the first offer you see, there are website hosting review forums that have previous customer reviews of the host and claims of offering unlimited bandwidth or 99% uptime guarantees can often be questioned. In saying that people who do reviews are always more likely to be the unhappy one's, people are always quicker to say something bad about a company rather than take the time to say something nice.

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