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Tattoo Designs

Tattoos  -  Tattoo Designs Gallery - Name Translations
Tattoo Images and Pictures, Gallery as well as a rate my tattoo/celebrity tattoo area.

One of the largest tattoo website on the net with a gallery, name translations and the ability to upload your tattoo picture and let others rate it.

One of the most popular search terms tattoos will always remain in fashion, in some form.
For some time now tribal has been one of the most popular types of tattoo but a word of caution, if you remember your flares, sideburns or any other fashion that seemed cool at one point but now doesn't - this could apply to any tattoo type. It should be regarded as a lifetime commitment and not so much a fashion statement you will be looking to change in a few years time.

Names are also an obvious problem, that partner/girlfriend/boyfriend that you know you will be with forever may not turn out to be so, partners do not always last forever but tattoos certainly can so be selective in your choice.

Being such a personal thing you would be wise to avoid tattoo flash and perhaps go after a custom tattoo design, there are plenty of sites such as Tattoo Designer that let you post your desired description and artists will bid to sketch it up for you ensuring a unique and personal tattoo that you will not share with hundred/thousands of others. Tattoo designs found on the internet can offer inspiration but I would advise you to take anything you find further and make it unique.


Can you image bumping into someone with the same tattoo design as yourself?

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