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House Alarms - UK

Having House Alarms is one of the first preventive obvious measures and lines of defenses against burglars or intruders. There are a wide selection of alarms on the market, ranging from standard, easy to use home alarms to pressure pads and  complete shutter systems able to lock down all windows and doors for a fully secure home, and others that a simple voice command that can dial and notify the intrusion to the police department.

There are also companies offering ongoing support and satellite or electronic monitoring so that in the event of an alarm, the police can be contacted automatically, although many of these house alarms are intended for large budget home owners. The low cost alternatives are still things like leaving lights on when you are away and dogs are one of the most affective deterrents along with a few other things you can do when you know in advance you are going to be away for a few days.

One of those steps you should implement when you have no money for refined house alarms, is stop all deliveries to your home including mail, subscriptions, and daily services, or make sure a friend or relative will be able to collect all these deliveries on a daily basis so their are less signs of an empty house.

Besides, in some countries having intruder house alarms or planning to have some fitted to your property, involves additional costs and/or paper work as in the United Kingdom, where you are legally obliged to appoint two key holders and notify the police of such key holders details, ensuring that the alarm system complies with British Standard 4737 and it should be fitted with a 20 minutes cut-out.

More often house alarms should be regularly maintained by a competent company, sometimes the retailer who sold it. It is estimated that 30 to 50 percent of home and apartment burglars' break-ins happen because someone did not lock a door or window, particularly when there is a custom to leave windows open at night.

As is obvious, the easiest way of providing access to a burglar into your home is through open doors and windows even if you have the most costly of the house alarms. Keep this fresh in your mind; doors and windows must always be locked and secured, even if you are just leaving home for a few minutes, because burglars look for easy targets for opportunities to get your valuables in the easiest, quickest possible way. In this case: just waiting for you to leave.

Do no forget to make it as difficult as possible for anyone to get into your home should be your goal with or without house alarms.

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