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Flower arrangements, bouquets, and floral designs may be expensive, while some others may have sentimental value for you or some member of your family. If you are wondering how to lengthen the life of your flowers arrangements, Florists says that putting a little extra care will make a huge difference for any size arrangement, avoiding excessive heat or cold as first measure.

As a general rule, most flowers arrangements only last fresh 4 to 7 days, and sometimes longer depending on the flowers used,  the care they received and if they were treated somehow to prolong their life. According to the Society of American Florists, few, easy to follow tips may help you to preserver vibrant flowers.

For floral arrangements put a vase filled with water containing any flower food provided by the florists. Keep the flowers in a cool place, even in the lower area of your refrigerator, until the moment when you can get them in a flower food solution.

Follow the mixing directions carefully on the flower food package. These flower foods are mixed with either a pint or a quart of cool water, and should not be diluted with more water than specified on the directions. If you are in doubt ask the florists.

Wash with an antibacterial cleaning solution or detergent in a vase and fill in with water adding the flower food from the specialized florists. Take care to remove leaves falling below the waterline since those leaves under water will promote bacterial microbial growth limiting water uptake by the flower and causing bad odors after few days.

Florists recommend to cut stems diagonally by removing one to two inches with a sharp knife and then placing the flowers in the vase solution previously prepared. If you purchase loose flowers to make your arrangements or bouquets, you should also consider several additional preservations tips, because it is not only the cost of a flower arrangement but the beauty that flowers add to our environments.

When selecting your own flowers, look for those with firm upright petals, and buds beginning to open. Watch them carefully because florists say that yellow spotted or drooping leaves are signs of age, something that you maybe you have confirmed at some point in the past trying to lengthen the life of your flowers.

Remember the first floristís advice: keep your flowers in a cool spot away from direct heat or sunlight, but avoiding also fans, cooling vents, on top of televisions or radiators, and do not place directly under ceiling fans.


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