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Bathroom Design

When you consider your bathroom design and how you wish to use this private area of your home you can come up with lots of new ideas. Today, many people are adding exercise equipment, saunas, music for relaxing in the tub, and even televisions to watch while you enjoy a quiet bath.

Now, the very first thing you must think about is are you planning on using the space you have now or will you be adding more space by removing walls or adding on to the bathroom. You must also decide what type of bathroom design you want such as a master bathroom, full bathroom, half bathroom, small bathroom, a child’s bathroom, or a guest bathroom. Or you may wish to redo all of these bathrooms.

The same pretty much goes with any bathroom design in your home. You can purchase all kinds of unique and interesting items to give every bathroom its own personality. You can decide to paint, wallpaper, add borders, or find unique pictures to enhance the beauty of each bathroom. It is also pretty easy to add a bit of color by using sponges cut into different designs and dipped into paint and then applied to your bathroom walls to give a whole new appearance to your dull bathroom.


Most master bathroom designs today include a commode, two sinks, a shower and a whirlpool or sauna bathtub. Usually they also have large walk in closets for both adults. If the master bathroom is large enough several folks are adding and exercise equipment area complete with television and music. You can create beautiful designs by using colorful tiles and accessories to accent the items that you wish to use. If you do have exercise equipment in your bathroom, you can add other softer items so your bathroom does not look like the gym. Add candles, colorful towels, and even plants around the bathtub.

If you are just wishing to spruce up your full bathroom without too much cost, there are ways to work with what you have. A full bathroom usually consists of a commode, sink, and a combination shower and tub. To create a wonderful and appealing full bathroom you can use such items as a shower curtain with a tropical feel and then add sea shells on the top of the commode and sea shell soaps at the sink. You can even find those small sand boxes used for stress relief to give your full bathroom an even more tropical feel.  

The bathroom design you choose is up to you and you can have fun decorating and giving your bathrooms a personal touch that will be one of a kind.

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